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H241QN01 V5 AUO 2.4" 240×320 For Sale | OOLFOO

H241QN01 V5 AUO 2.4" 240×320 For Sale | OOLFOO


“Model H241QN01 V5” is a “2.4” inch “CELL” “262K” display screen product that “AUO” produces. Its resolution is “240×320, whose pixels are arranged in “CELL”. For more parameters of this panel, please check the following content.
Model PN: H241QN01 V5
Diagonal Size: 2.4
Pixel Format: CELL
Resolution: 240×320
Brightness: 0.0
Contrast Ratio: 300:1
View_Angle: 45/45/50/20
Colors: 262K
Backlight: No B/L
Interface: CPU
Surface: WOP
Best_View: 12 oclock
Active_Area: 36.72×48.96
Outline_Size: 40.58×56.96
Max_Depth: 1.1mm
Work_Temp: -40~85°C
Storage_Temp: -55~110°C
Backlight_Driver: No
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Touch function of Model H241QN01 V5

The touch screen is a device that enables the users to input some information so that they can communicate with the equipment. This Model has a touchscreen functionality. Model H241QN01 V5 is a 262K Colors panel Without a touch screen.
If you need a touchscreen function or interactive interface on Model H241QN01 V5, we can choose a suitable touchscreen and integrate it into the system.
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